Samantha Cusick

Anyone who follows people like Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr will know that they share the same hairdresser – Samantha Cusick. My biggest treat to myself is to get my hair done at the same place. It’s expensive if you aren’t used to paying to get your hair coloured in central London, my parents think I’m insane when I go home and tell them how much it costs BUT in comparison to other hairdressers in central London it’s actually not particularly pricey and most importantly, it’s worth it.

The treatment here is second to none and I enjoy every minute of my time there, from the dogs that keep you company to the endless supply of glittery cocktails, glittery coffee and glittery popcorn. It really is a beautiful place and the attention to detail is incredible. Even the horrible gowns you have to wear are almost pretty. I honestly feel like a princess in that place.

The staff are all absolutely lovely and it’s a super friendly atmosphere where I pick up all the latest gossip and beauty tips. You can tell that they genuinely care and it’s the only place I have been able to say “do whatever you think is best” and they’ve been like “right OK, got it”. Normally a hairdresser tends to freak out if you give them any sort of freedom over your hair!

Samantha Cusick is the only hairdressers I have left feeling happy with my hair and that’s why I always go back. I urge you to go if you ever get chance!