Tower 42

I have a thing for panoramic views, I think they’re just beautiful. Every time I travel somewhere I’ll make sure I find the tallest place I can for an amazing view whilst I’m there. And hey, I may live in London but you can never see it from above enough!

Me and a friend had a few drinks up Tower 42 and it was a really nice alternative to going to a normal bar. There were a lot of expensive champagnes on the menu and some very fancy cocktails but I felt drinks were reasonably priced (for London anyway).

The entrance to the tower was a bit strange. There was a huge reception area that made you feel you were going to be up there alone but once you get out the lift the atmosphere is really nice. The tower is round with floor to ceiling windows all around with tables and chairs facing outwards. Unfortunately this did mean that where you got seated depended on what view you got. We were lucky in that we overlooked the Shard and most of central London.

A fairly cool place to visit for a date I reckon! You are given a time slot (30 minutes I think), but providing you keep buying drinks, I can’t see them asking you to leave.