The Lash Lounge

I got eyelash extensions again!
On reflection I decided that the last ones I got weren’t dramatic enough so it was time for me to go elsewhere. By the time I booked an appointment at The Lash Lounge it had been almost 4 weeks and the lashes that I did still have left looked pretty awful and were driving me insane. 

The lovely ladies in Lash Lounge sorted me out though and within an hour and a half I had my new set of lashes. These are their ‘no more mascara’ lashes. They are one of the most affordable but highest rated eyelash places in London (trust me, I did hours and hours of research).

I’ll definitely be going back! Their reclining chairs alone were worth the money!!


I got eyelash extensions!

I am all for saving time when it comes to getting ready in the morning and if I can come up with a solution that allows me to snooze my alarm one more time then I’m happy. I wear mascara and eyeliner every day and I’ll admit, doing those wings takes time! I wanted a quicker, easier way of defining my eyes without having to redraw a wing 5 times at 7am when I am yet to consume a coffee.  In come eyelash extensions.

A friend of mine over a year ago always had the most incredible lashes and I actually booked in with her eyelash extension lady but my hungover self missed the bus, never got there, and never booked again.

Fast forward a year and I FINALLY got around to having them done. I went to a little place called Beauty On The Go in Holborn, Central London. It’s a quiet street so you wouldn’t find it unless you went looking for it and in comparison to the various glamorous salons dotted around London, this one looks a little… sad to say the least.

You could be easily put off by the exterior of the place but do not let that dissuade you. The service makes up for the decor! The lovely lady who does your eyelashes is called Wendy and she is so easy to talk to and puts you at complete ease. You have a patch test about 24 hours before your appointment and then your actual appointment takes around an hour. I actually found it quite therapeutic listening to the music being played and lying there with my eyes closed.

I had my lashes done a week ago now and I’ve only had a couple fall out, they still look pretty perfect. Wendy asked me what kind of look I wanted and somehow understood exactly what I meant when I said “I want you to be able to tell that they’re fake, but I don’t want them to look fake.”

Since having them done I haven’t worn any eye make-up at all and it has saved me so much time! I even feel like I can get away with just filling my eyebrows in a little and wearing no other make-up. It’s weird the difference something so small can make! I think they look pretty natural and have had nothing but compliments.

I will definitely be going back and keeping you guys up to date with how long they last!


My white food diet post teeth whitening 

So as you may have seen, I had my teeth whitened recently and it’s recommend that you stick to a diet of white foods only for 24-48 hours post treatment. During the whitening process the teeth become dehydrated and so soak up anything they can afterwards, making them more susceptible to staining. Anything that would stain a white tshirt is a no go.

Here are the very unexciting meals I had in the 24 hours following my whitening.

Chicken and rice, a jacket potato (without the skin), lots of water and lemonade to switch it up.

On day 2 I still stuck to light coloured foods but not as strictly.

And most importantly, for snacks I bought some white chocolate and cheesecake!


Zoom Teeth Whitening

So just a quick warning, my teeth are fairly horrific and I am more than aware of that. Since moving to London I have been in the process of getting my far from perfect teeth to perfect but as I’m sure you can imagine, it is a long (and very expensive) process.

On my long list of things to do was teeth whitening. My teeth have been fairly yellow for as long as I can remember which I think is down to a combination of my natural tooth colour, poorly looking after them when I was younger, and the ridiculous amount of coke and tea I have consumed over the years.

I was a little apprehensive, as I had read a fair few reviews online and most people seem to experience some degree of sensitivity during or after the treatment but actually, I’ve had none whatsoever!

The treatment itself was fairly boring and involves gel being put on your teeth, a blue light being placed over the teeth, and then sitting and waiting for 15 minutes. You do this 3 times in total.

Having things in your mouth (there’s a joke in there somewhere) isn’t the most comfortable experience in the world and I did leave looking a little like I’d had my lips done but honestly, I couldn’t say anything negative about the treatment.

For the next 24 hours after treatment it is advised you follow a white food diet. I have talked about what I ate in a post here.

I ¬†was given a zoom home kit to use for the next 7 days which is proving a bit less fun but once my 7 days is up I’ll write another post about that.

Here are my before and after photos (taken in natural and unnatural light).

There is a definite difference, I’m just hoping it stays that way!

I am one step closer on my long teeth journey.