The Lash Lounge

I got eyelash extensions again!
On reflection I decided that the last ones I got weren’t dramatic enough so it was time for me to go elsewhere. By the time I booked an appointment at The Lash Lounge it had been almost 4 weeks and the lashes that I did still have left looked pretty awful and were driving me insane. 

The lovely ladies in Lash Lounge sorted me out though and within an hour and a half I had my new set of lashes. These are their ‘no more mascara’ lashes. They are one of the most affordable but highest rated eyelash places in London (trust me, I did hours and hours of research).

I’ll definitely be going back! Their reclining chairs alone were worth the money!!


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

I adore the theatre and so of course, I have been wanting to go to the West End since moving to London. I’m very lucky in that a friend came down to visit and took me to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Gielgud Theatre. I had no idea what it was about and it was far from what I expected. At first I didn’t know what to think. The last thing I went to see at the theatre was a pantomime with a grand stage setup, lots of cool effects and incredible costumes. When the show started, there were what looked like ‘normal people’ sat on chairs around the stage which didn’t appear to be decorated – it looked low budget.
However, as the show went on I realised just how wrong I was. So much effort had clearly gone into this show. Christopher is the star of the show and the play follows him as he investigates who killed his neighbours dog whilst finding out a lot more he didn’t intend to along the way.

The actor who plays Christopher is incredible and portrays his autistic characteristics exceptionally. The play is carried out in a way that makes you really stop and think about how there is always more to a situation than first meets the eye and it gives a great insight into the life of those with autism and the difficulties they and those around them face. It really is eye opening and it’s something I believe everyone should watch, just to attempt to gain a little understanding of autistic behaviour. There was an excellent scene where Christopher’s pet mouse jumps onto the tube tracks and he follows it whilst members of the public panic and don’t understand what he is doing.

The stage ended up being more impressive than I first thought, with chalk boards and stairs appearing on the walls throughout the show. Additionally, something I realised afterwards whilst browsing Instagram is that those people who sat in seats of a prime number had envelopes waiting for them on their chairs. If their name added up to a prime number, they won a prize!

There was also part of the show where a member of the cast states that if you want to find out how Christopher calculates one of his maths sums, you should stay behind at the end. As we were walking out after the cast had been applauded, he came back on and did just that.

The theatre was small, and it was very modest in terms of costumes and set but that worked really well and all the small things made it a fantastic watch and like I said, a real eye opener to a good cause.


Seen On Screen Fitness Class – Beyonce workshop

This was literally as good as it sounds.

This was another of those things I’ve been meaning to do since coming down to London. Seen On Screen run fitness classes at a few different London venues and as well as running weekly classes they also run workshops at the weekends to songs by Beyonce, Rihanna and even Ed Sheeran to name a few.

Now I am definitely not the most confident person in the world and I also definitely cannot dance. At all. For this reason, I just kept putting off going to a class no matter how much I wanted to go. I realised how stupid this was when I finally went.

I went to a workshop a few weeks back for the song Grown Woman by Beyonce. I turned up slightly terrified and left ready to conquer the world. There were about 30 people in the class and no one was looking at anyone but themselves so everyone was just doing their own thing without having to worry about being judged for slut dropping like a robot.

Not only did I have so much fun but I ached the following few days more than I had in a LONG time. I felt like I’d had a real tough workout and I’d had fun doing it. Our teacher was lovely and made us feel completely at ease. I cannot fault the class at all! It is a little pricey – but hey, what isn’t in London?


I got eyelash extensions!

I am all for saving time when it comes to getting ready in the morning and if I can come up with a solution that allows me to snooze my alarm one more time then I’m happy. I wear mascara and eyeliner every day and I’ll admit, doing those wings takes time! I wanted a quicker, easier way of defining my eyes without having to redraw a wing 5 times at 7am when I am yet to consume a coffee.  In come eyelash extensions.

A friend of mine over a year ago always had the most incredible lashes and I actually booked in with her eyelash extension lady but my hungover self missed the bus, never got there, and never booked again.

Fast forward a year and I FINALLY got around to having them done. I went to a little place called Beauty On The Go in Holborn, Central London. It’s a quiet street so you wouldn’t find it unless you went looking for it and in comparison to the various glamorous salons dotted around London, this one looks a little… sad to say the least.

You could be easily put off by the exterior of the place but do not let that dissuade you. The service makes up for the decor! The lovely lady who does your eyelashes is called Wendy and she is so easy to talk to and puts you at complete ease. You have a patch test about 24 hours before your appointment and then your actual appointment takes around an hour. I actually found it quite therapeutic listening to the music being played and lying there with my eyes closed.

I had my lashes done a week ago now and I’ve only had a couple fall out, they still look pretty perfect. Wendy asked me what kind of look I wanted and somehow understood exactly what I meant when I said “I want you to be able to tell that they’re fake, but I don’t want them to look fake.”

Since having them done I haven’t worn any eye make-up at all and it has saved me so much time! I even feel like I can get away with just filling my eyebrows in a little and wearing no other make-up. It’s weird the difference something so small can make! I think they look pretty natural and have had nothing but compliments.

I will definitely be going back and keeping you guys up to date with how long they last!


My time at The Nightly Show

The Nightly Show is filmed a stones throw from where I work and so I applied for tickets from SRO. SRO provides the audiences for lots of TV shows. You apply for free tickets online and just cross your fingers basically. I happened to be free on the evening that Davina McCall was presenting. Paddy McGuinness and Julian Clary were the guests for the night.

It is essentially free entertainment. There is a guy who gets the crowd going and makes everyone get up and dance – it’s good fun! It’s also very interesting to see the bits that get cut out of the aired version of the show and interesting to see what the celebs are like when the cameras aren’t rolling. I even met Paddy on the way out!

I’ll definitely be checking out some more shows so stay tuned!


Samantha Cusick

Anyone who follows people like Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr will know that they share the same hairdresser – Samantha Cusick. My biggest treat to myself is to get my hair done at the same place. It’s expensive if you aren’t used to paying to get your hair coloured in central London, my parents think I’m insane when I go home and tell them how much it costs BUT in comparison to other hairdressers in central London it’s actually not particularly pricey and most importantly, it’s worth it.

The treatment here is second to none and I enjoy every minute of my time there, from the dogs that keep you company to the endless supply of glittery cocktails, glittery coffee and glittery popcorn. It really is a beautiful place and the attention to detail is incredible. Even the horrible gowns you have to wear are almost pretty. I honestly feel like a princess in that place.

The staff are all absolutely lovely and it’s a super friendly atmosphere where I pick up all the latest gossip and beauty tips. You can tell that they genuinely care and it’s the only place I have been able to say “do whatever you think is best” and they’ve been like “right OK, got it”. Normally a hairdresser tends to freak out if you give them any sort of freedom over your hair!

Samantha Cusick is the only hairdressers I have left feeling happy with my hair and that’s why I always go back. I urge you to go if you ever get chance!


Yoga up the Shard

I love the idea of being one of those girls who wears activewear everywhere, does yoga every day, makes fresh smoothies every morning but quite simply, I’m not. Although I am working on it.

I had always wanted to try yoga but was too scared to turn up to a class in case I couldn’t keep up and embarrassed myself. So I did what any logical person would do and got up ridiculously early for an 8:30am yoga session at the top of the Shard on a Saturday with about 50 other people.
But I’m so glad I did it! You have chance before and after the hour session to walk around and take photos which is great because the Shard doesn’t actually open until 10am so you have time to get your photos before the crowds storm in. When I left there was a queue of people snaked around the building waiting to get in and I think I’d have struggled to enjoy being up there with tonnes of tourists fighting for photos.

The actual yoga session is on level 69 but you can go up to 72 (the very top) to take photos and wonder around. Mats are provided and I have to say, it was an incredible experience. The yoga itself was challenging but not so much so that you couldn’t join in. When up there I soom realised that the sports bras and trainers were deceiving and there was actually a mix of abilities. I went on my own too and felt perfectly happy and not at all intimidated.

The price is £45 which isn’t an awful lot more than the cost of entry to the shard itself and like I said, you have exclusive access before it opens so I’d definitely recommend it as a one off treat for yourself. You get a goodie bag on your way out too, and everyone loves a goodie bag!